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SMPM interface connectors

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Product Outline

SMPM connector is MIL standard interface which provides electric connection up to 65GHz. With its extra small size and push on mating style, this connector can be used for high density and high speed interconnection.

Technical Characteristics
Electrical Characteristics
Characteristic impedance 50Ω
Frequency range DC~65GHz
Voltage rating 160Vrms
VSWR (typical) ≦1.5 at 65GHz
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ
Dielectric withstanding voltage 500Vrms
Center contact resistance ≦6.0mΩ
Outer contact resistance ≦2.0mΩ
Mechanical Characteristics
Engagement force ≦19N
Disengagement force ≦29N
Durability 100 times
Operating Temperture -55℃~+155℃
Body(male) Brass/Kovar/Beryllium copper
Body(female) Beryllium copper
Center contact(male) Phosphor bronze
Center contact(female ) Beryllium copper
Insulator PTFE/Glass
Body Gold with Nickel under plate
Center contact Gold with Nickel under plate
Externals size
Externals size: SMPM Connector

(All dimensions are in millimeter)

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